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STEINEL profisarja sensoritel garantii 5 aastat !
STEINEL Professional sensor products are guaranteed for 5 years (60 months), commencing on the date of purchase. If a guarantee claim is shown to be given within the guarantee period, we shall re-pair your product free of charge, replace it (if necessary by a follow-on model) or give you a credit note in the appropriate amount. In the event of a claim being settled under the terms of guarantee, the orig-inal guarantee period will neither be extended nor shall a new guarantee period commence. Further claims, e.g. for consequential damage to other objects, shall be excluded unless they follow from the law. We shall not assume any liability for damage or losses that may occur during transit. The world-wide guarantee shall be governed by German law excluding the United Nations Convention concern-ing the International Sale of Goods (CISG).
Steinel Proffesional sensoritel ja valgustitel on garantii 5 aastat.